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Mute Forest

The sound of beetle-decimated woodlands.

Mute Forest is the solo project of Mombi's Kael Smith. Subtle beats, layered electronics and occasional nylon guitar for a sound that is gloomily melodic and meditative.

Deforestation was released November 13, 2015.
All albums are on http://muteforest.bandcamp.com/
On Spotify - Deforestation and Infinity Pools EP
Mombi is on http://mombi.bandcamp.com/
On Spotify - The Wounded Beat (2011) and Turning Witch EP (2014)

"Smith's whisper feels like it's drifting phantom - like through the trees, with a cricket's near-subliminal chirp appearing alongside a hypnotic, dubby beat pulsation and electric guitar shadings" - TEXTURA

"A pale, fading light sinks its sharp fangs into the forest. Mute Forest’s Deforestation abides inside. In small but noticeable degrees the light changes. It’s the unstoppable intrusion of an approaching dusk." - FLUID RADIO

"If we were subject to a certain restraint to keep only the important works, those that affect us and carry a message, then the albums signed by Kael Smith and his various identities (Khale, Mombi, Mute Forest) would be among them." - SUN BURNS OUT

"There is beauty in depression, there is beauty in decay … and that is the kind of beauty that Mute Forest perfectly captures in these songs of loss." - AMBIENT BLOG

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