вторник, 20 май 2014 г.

A dirty special

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♡kitty♡ – BrB ( ˘ ³˘)❤
Actress – RAP
Baauer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps
blΔnc – Happy
blΔnc - Nordic
d'Eon – Transparency
Ficci Ft. Snowflake - Meant To Be
Four Tet - For These Times
Kitty Pryde – Ay Shawty THE SHREKONING (feat. Dankte)
Kitty Pryde - Okay Cupid
Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray
Taylor McFerrin – Awake to You
TEMPELHOF - crakkhouse
Thriftworks – Daydream

събота, 10 май 2014 г.

Benedict Cumberbatch – Flat Of Angles

Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared on the previous three Late Night Tales LPs, reading the first three parts of Simon Cleary's story on the albums curated by Friendly Fires, Röyksopp and Bonobo.
Django Django have compiled the latest instalment of the long-running compilation series, to be released on May 12.

The story relates the aftermath of a house-party in alternating voices.

 "Anyway, like I say, it was great – I was waiting in the corridor, to go to the toilet, standing right in front of the door. It opened, and this girl was standing there. I was a little shocked, hadn’t expected it, and jumped a little. She did the same thing a second later, smiling. I smiled. I tilted my head left, about to speak, and look sympathetic, and she tilted her head right. I raised my right hand, she raised her left. I put it back by my side, straightened my head, and she did the same. “I’ll be your mirror.” she said. Nothing else existed for a second there, I felt calm, and wanted no more. Then some chump who had slunk up the corridor goes “Awww, that is so cute!” I barged past her and slammed the door, shot the lock across, the handle fell off."

Download link for the 4 parts in the comments.

петък, 2 май 2014 г.

The May Mixtape

Download link in the comments. Enjoy.

01 Chopstick & Johnjon - Pining Moon (Acoustic Version)
02 DJ Cam - Uncomfortable feat. Chris James
03 Oceaán - Turned Away
04 Movement - Control You
05 Robots Don't Sleep – Safe Now
06 Oceaán - Need U
07 Young & Sick - Willow
08 Coldplay - Midnight
09 Old Man Diode & Rick Holland – Still Silver Feat. Chris James
10 George Maple & Slime - Sonnet
11 Gilbere Forte - Nolita (The Ninetys Edit)
12 Jesse Boykins III – A Matter Of The Heart (Feat. Phonte)
13 Young & Sick - Continuum
14 Thomas Azier – Verwandlung
15 tUnE-yArDs – Hey Life
16 Mando Diao – Baby
17 Mando Diao – If I Don't Have You
18 Editors - Sugar
19 Alice Boman – What
20 Chopstick & Johnjon – Erase These Images