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The norwegian one by denz

Some favourite songs by norwegian artists.
Download link in the comments, password - denz.

3-11 Porter – Surround Me With Your Love (Mental Overdrive remix)
Ane Brun - Big In Japan
Ane Brun - Do You Remember
Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go
Anja Garbarek – Big Mouth
Anja Garbarek – Dizzy With Wonder
Anja Garbarek – Still Guarding Space
Beady Belle – Apron Strings
Donkeyboy - Ambitions
Erlend Øye – The Talk
Flunk - See thru you
Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked
Ida Maria – Oh My God
Kaizers Orchestra - Resistansen
Kakkmaddafakka - Gangsta
Kakkmaddafakka – Restless
Katharina Nuttall – Play
Kings of Convenience – The Weight of My Words
Madrugada - Hands Up, I Love You
Madrugada – Step Into This Room And Dance For Me
Minor Majority - Dancing In The Backyard
Minor Majority - If I Told You, You Were Beautiful
Minor Majority - You were Saying
Moddi - Smoke
Röyksopp – You Don't Have a Clue
Sivert Høyem – Prisoner Of The Road
The White Birch - Beauty King
The Whitest Boy Alive – Above You

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